Looking Back, Moving - Monalisa Changkija

Now that cooler climes have descended upon us in the Northeast, for avid readers, this is the time to shine. For me, there’s nothing like sitting by the chula brightly burning with smoke-less bamboo coals, a very civilized Nagaland Bamboo Mission product, and catching up on the numerous books I tend to read simultaneously — and in-between catch up on the crosswords I save throughout the year for this time of the year, while Leonard Cohen sings in the background. Right now, I’m chewing into Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 — it is a book I don’t want to finish in a hurry. '

Over the years, I’ve been collecting books whenever I travel outside Nagaland and I’ve decided that I won’t make plans to read these many books in this or that year but read all of them till I can read. My taste is eclectic hence I enjoy reading books on history, insurgency, anthropology and sociology as much as popular writers like Paulo Coelho, poetry and fiction of Northeastern writers. But no romance a la Mills & Boon.

Not being able to read as much as I would like to because of my work is a tragedy for me — perhaps retirement is the answer? Now, let me get back to my book.

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