IPEN - Poems by Santosh Alex and Prajna Paramita Panigrahi

I searched you
on the dining table
You were distributing bread
to the multitudes .

I searched you
in the church
You were shining
on the farmers body in the field

I seached for you
in the goat shed
You went in search
of the lost sheep.

I searched for you
at the border
You showed me a world
without borders

I searched for you
in the bed
You danced as flowers
in the mountains.

Rosary and
Cross are not needed
A lit candle
a word
heartfelt, would do.

The child in the womb
said to the mother

“ I am in this cell
for months together .
You kept me safe till now
and did not 
detect my gender,
I am grateful to you for this.
I  am afraid to come
into your world.
You are slaves to
and Creed.
Ensure me
the womb’s safety
in your world.
Failing which
i am ready for a sacrifice. ”

Returning on the wings
of the southerly winds
I crossed the small rivulet,
swaying paddy fields,
vast barren grounds,
secluded walkways,
and the nameless hillock
Time flew by,
catching dragonflies,
collecting abrus seeds,
tasting mango kernels
and Jackfruit flaps
and so did another vacation
When I opened my eyes,
I was atop Noah’s ark
             --Santosh Alex, Visakhapatnam

The venom
The mistress of the night
Curled her lips
For a sweet pout.

Why did I see
The snake swaying gently
Under the folds of my skin?

They say that
Love that does not conform is dead,
Dedication that wears out is fractured,
Fidelity that burns out is decayed.

Then why did I feel sick
To spit the venom
Of defined resignance?

Perhaps the order
Of the universe
Did not mate with
The vibrance of nerves.
               --  Prajna Paramita Panigrahi, Bhubaneswar

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