What is the present name of the organisation which was called Young Lushai Association when it was set up on 15 June 1935?
The organisation is now called the Young Mizo Association. It was set up by Christian workers as a substitute for the traditional Mizo institute for education of boys called Zawlbuk (boy’s dormitory) which declined with the coming of Christianity. It was registered in 1977 and is active in social work. It has been effective in significantly lowering the expenditure during elections.

 The Mizo Students Union observes 1 March as Zoram Ni (Mizoram Day). What is the significance of that day in Mizo history?
When Mizo Hills was a part of Assam state the people were angry with the poor Government response to the famine in 1959 and the attempt to impose the Assamese language. The Mizo National Front (MNF) declared independence on 1 March 1966 and tried to take over Aizwal. On 4 March 1966 the Indian Air Force bombed Mizoram– the first time in Indian history that the Government bombed its own citizens. MNF signed the Mizo Accord in 1986.

Source: Haksar, Nandita (ed.). 2011. Glimpses of North East India. New Delhi: Chicken Neck

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