New Prints

The Exotic Rissole
Tanveer Ahmed
Newsouth Publishing, 2011
AUD$ 32.95, 197 pages
A memoir which tells of the turmoil that surfaces when cultures collide. Tanveer Ahmed narrates the complexities of growing up in an immigrant Bangladeshi family in Australia.

Deo Langkhui
Rita Choudhury
Jyoti Prakashan, 2011 (1st ed 2005)
`190, 416 pages
Hardcover/ Novel
A journey through the legendary history of the Tiwa community of Assam. A story of injustice and generosity of spirit, of pain and love.

Uprooted for Whose Benefit? Development-Induced Displacement in Assam 1947-2000
Walter Fernandes and Gita Bharali (ed.)
North Eastern Social Research Centre (NESRC), 2011
`350, 734 pages
Paperback/ Non-fiction
A study on development-induced displacement in Assam and the need to search for alternative development paradigms.

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