IPEN - Poems by Camellia Chakraborty

Generation's waste- poor god's children,
Born to die from the shy womb.
Prejudices are our meal soup,
Allaying us beasts into filthy comfort.
I may be no less negative,
But positive is really he?
Why my father is so poor,
While others call him 'The Almighty'?
When raging spark conquers dark,
Furious bursts with maternal love.
But peeping out of my eyelids,
I visualised only irony.
A venomous web edificed for us,
But fate when we are harassed?
Trailing us in placenta of samaritan,
Drowning now in strangling quotidian.
In the wake of grimy minds,
Toiled to accomplish exploiting own.
But deprived from food, clothes and shelter,
Then rotten with unclaimed skeletons.
Are we so poor god's children?
For race still glued to politics.
That he is so bound in realm of freedom,
Bored and resisted from his duties?
Illiteracy is our cloak of all time,
Stitched with corruption as it’s the whime
Whirling paraphernalia that’s traditional token,
For we really are the poor god's children?

The Omnivorous Satans
We the Satans, we the Satans
Are the reasons for the truthful existence
Of the unhealthy and naked earth
As we are vegetarians.
'Hey look! So many parasites
Humbling on earth'
Said Yama, the God of soul's cloak depart
Together o' together
We suck the blood
For a successful attempt
Of a diseased earth.
The moon, the mountain
The ocean and the sky
Are so co-operative
As they die and die.
The foul black clouds
The noisy shouts
The land of wastes and
The water of dead lusty trouts.
'Impoverished' and 'Poverty stricken'
The Satans call
As the earth is being eaten.
Heartless cunning fellows
With antonym of kindly emotion
Watch the holy earth
Begging pardon from such notion.
The noble Satan
Discovers terrible prophecy-
The earth being trapped
In a big death cavity.
The earth appears yummier
Buzzed with billions of eater
Who merrily dance and sing
As the green Earth is now deadly pink.
Near the fire
Near the mantle
Bursting in ball
With a cigar
Singing a proudly shout
Yeah! We are the global warmer
Now, Came the dimwit cook
By dint of the dinette
Inviting the satanic cults
For a fine dinner.
Yummy! Praised the diners all
Excited with pieces of Earth on each bowl
Ready to digest the leafy and fleshy buns
Bravo! We, the Omnivorous Satans.

From the blue foam of Mother Nature,
Falls the tinkling bells,
Which triggers the sea with tremendous shiver,
And forms the water of wells.
Brings with it ageing and youth,
As it wrinkles the ocean.
And when it forces the leaves to move,
Forming green pearls like beauty being woven.
Splendid droplets with serenaded scale,
Are the Mozarts of Nature.
Realising the rhythmic beats,
Are the dancing creature.
Little darlings flushed with elation,
For they witness the rain.
But as clouds and fire burst out aloud,
Their play will might soon drain.
The small holes and the hanging poles,
Are their shelter tonight.
The day next might bring with it,
The hope of bright sunlight.
--Camellia Chakraborty, Guwahati

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