Looking back, moving on - Lou Majaw

I love Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and The Lord of the Rings series by JRR Tolkien but I am not potty enough for Potter. The Lord of the Rings books tell a story of the beginning of the world. There is so much destruction, warfare, violence and greed. And then there exists this one ring that can control and conquer all. But ultimately love conquers everything. I feel the setting, even though it’s a world of fantasy, mirrors the reality of our society.

I cannot spare as much time as I would like for reading these days. But I have recently started reading a book by Sunanda K Datta-Ray, titled Smash and Grab: The Annexation of Sikkim. The book was banned in 1987 for focusing on some foul political negotiations. It is about the creation of Sikkim and it’s sad how people sell their own country. I would really like to finish reading this book in 2012.

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