Looking back, moving on - Utpal Borpujari

During 2011, the one book I really wanted to finish (am still reading it) was Gil Bettman's First Time Director, a fabulous guide towards making a movie from an author who has developed his theories from practical experience. It's a book that is thoroughly informative and engaging, and I feel it's a must read for anyone who intends to make a movie, or at least know what it takes to make a movie. I also enjoyed reading Manikuntala Bhattacharjya's biographical novel Debabala and Tuna Gautam's novel Aichung. I intend to start off 2012 with Mrinal Talukdar's Mautam, not only because Mrinal is a childhood friend but also because this book, as I understand from a glimpse of the first chapter I had courtesy the author when he had started serialising it in Asomiya Pratidin newspaper's Sambhar, offers a recounting of an important chapter of Northeast India's history in an immensely readable manner.

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